Dice Bags of Devouring come in several sizes and colors. All fur is fake. Some colors and styles may be back ordered or unavailable.

Rough estimates in USD (no shipping included):
Large DBOD- $50
with tongue- $55

Rough estimates in USD (no shipping included):
Medium DBOD- $35
with tongue- $40

Size of Bag *
Fur lengths are short (think fuzzy); medium (spiky, or curly, medium length); long (2” [5.08cm]) unruly fur
Choose your Liner Color *
The "mouth" of your bag
Tongue Color *
Add $5 for a Tongue
Eyes *
Choose as many as you like
Name *
Address *

Most bags can ship in the domestic US for $8.00
Delivery is 4-6 weeks upon order, payment is made via Paypal after photos of finished product is approved by customer.