Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes! Just send an email with an idea of what you want and an address, and we will quote you the shipping and handling cost.

Q. If I custom order, how will I pay?

A. After we agree to what we make for you, and you approve, the bag is made. Finished photos are sent for approval, and then the bag will be put onto the website shop reserved for you, where you pay via credit cards or PayPal.

Q. What kind of fur do you use?

A. It’s all synthetic (or fake “faux”) fur. The availability of each fur is not guaranteed, and we usually send photos of your fur before we start building your custom Bags that Bite. Look at our faux fur samples:


Q. Can you make a bag just like in the meme?

A. . Yes! The faux fur used is "brown with white" (medium length), the inside is red with red tongue, and eyes are "wide." If there aren't any available in the shop then you may build one using the "Build-a-bag" option on the site. This is a medium sized bag.

Q. What does “short,” “medium” or “long” mean in regards to the faux fur I choose?

A. “Short” refers to fuzzy but not furry, a very low pile. This style will not shed overly, and will look great as hidden mouth versions (like messenger Bags that Bite, hidden mouth backpacks or purses). Medium fur is curly or slightly spiky. The above photo is medium length, brown with white faux fur. Medium fur is versatile and looks great as any of the Bags that Bite. Long faux fur is wild and can have lengths up to 2”! It can shed, and looks great in any round mouth drawstring bag or open mouth bags. Of course, this is just our opinion! Any fur can be used for any project.

Q. Can I see all of the different sized dice bags together? (Pictured below is Large, medium and small.)

Q. What color is "Jazzy purple?" I might want it, but what about the other colors?